1. Application

    The application must be submitted no later than October 1 at 11:59 p.m. The application must be submitted digitally through the foundation's application system. It may be written in English, but the project summary must be in Swedish. The funds sought must cover the costs of the project's implementation. Funds can be granted for professionally relevant conference trips but not for the applicant's maintenance. Research applications for travel expenses are not prioritized in the medical field.

  2. Decision

    Decisions are communicated in January.

  3. Grantee Commitments

    The grantee is responsible for ensuring that the project or the specific subproject progresses according to the project plan, that the funds are used in accordance with the application and project description, and that overhead costs and similar costs do not burden the grant.

    When publishing results obtained during the work, it must be stated that support has been received from the Lars Hierta Memorial Foundation (in Swedish translation: Stiftelsen Lars Hiertas Minne, in German Lars-Hierta-Gedächtnis-Stiftung, and in French La Fondation à la Mémoire de Lars Hierta). The grantee's rights and obligations in relation to the foundation cannot be transferred to another person or institution without the written consent of the foundation.

  4. Grant Manager

    If granted funds are paid to a grant manager (university, college, other state authority, or similar), no overhead costs (such as administrative fees or surcharges for unspecified purposes) should burden the grant. The allocated grant must be used in full for the approved project.

  5. Disposition Right

    Granted funds must be requisitioned within two years after the decision date and used within 4 years from the decision date. If an extension of the disposition time is desired, an application must be sent to the Lars Hierta Memorial Foundation before the disposition time expires. If the grantee uses the grant in conflict with the current contract terms, the foundation can demand repayment of the entire grant.

  6. Ethical Review

    The grantee undertakes to comply with applicable laws and regulations regarding ethical review of research (see  https://etikprovningsmyndigheten.se). Where applicable, an application for ethical review must be submitted and approved before the project or the specific subproject begins.

  7. Disbursement of Grants

    Disbursement of approved grants takes place upon requisition using requisition and bank forms, both of which are available in the foundation's application system. Please note that both forms must be filled out and sent by mail to the address indicated on the forms. Disbursement typically occurs within four weeks after the bank has received the requisition with complete information.

  8. Reporting of Results

    The report and financial summary should be written in Swedish and submitted digitally in the foundation's application system. If the results consist of books, they should be sent to the office with the case number specified. The report must reach the foundation no later than one year after the project's completion. In the case of a renewed application, a report on previously granted funds must be submitted, even if not a full year has passed since the conclusion of the previous project. Failure to provide such a report will result in the application not being considered.

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