Charitable organization or association

Grants can be awarded for specific social purposes, especially children and youth activities. Furthermore, charitable crafts and industries are supported. Currently, about SEK 1.5 million is distributed to the social sector for activities in Sweden, usually allocated in grants ranging from SEK 5,000 to SEK 20,000 and in exceptional cases, a maximum of SEK 40,000.

The foundation awards grants to well-motivated, planned projects, but not for projects already implemented. Associations can also be granted funds for their activities.

Grants are not awarded for salaries, study scholarships for education at educational institutions, or as social support. Grants are not awarded for activities in municipalities or county councils. Grants can be applied for improvements in the craft area. This may include teaching methods or spreading publications. Applications for activities in Sweden in the craft area can be made by individuals, associations, or equivalent.

Individual applications in the social field

A person working in the social field can make an individual application. This should concern further education and specialized studies at higher levels than a basic degree from a university or college.

The application should include a certificate showing that the applicant has been admitted to the education specified in the application. In addition, an expert opinion on the applicant's suitability for the stated purpose should be attached. Certificates and opinions are uploaded in the electronic application and should not be sent by post.


Grants are awarded once a year. Applications must reach the foundation via the electronic application system by 11:59 p.m. on October 1.

Received grants must be reported within one year of the project's completion. To apply for a new grant, previous funds must have been accounted for. Grants can be awarded for a maximum of three consecutive years.

The foundation's decisions are communicated in January, and granted funds must be requisitioned no later than two years after the decision date. Extensions may be granted for specific reasons upon written request to the foundation. Disbursement of grants normally occurs within four weeks after the bank designated by the foundation has received the requisition forms with complete details.


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The foundation utilizes an electronic application process for all types of applications.

The application system is open
August 15 - October 1.
Click on Application in the menu to register an application.