The foundation accepts applications from individual researchers and organizations for projects in all subject areas, provided that the applicant is active in Sweden. Currently, approximately SEK 6 million is distributed annually for scientific purposes, usually allocated in the range of SEK 20,000 - SEK 40,000. Applications over SEK 50,000 are not considered.

The requested amount should cover the costs of the project's implementation. Grants are not provided for projects already completed, nor for the applicant's maintenance/salary. The foundation only provides one-time grants and does not commit to continued support. No individual researcher can be awarded a grant for more than three consecutive years. Printing grants for doctoral theses are not granted.

The foundation disburses grants directly to the grantee or to organizations, universities, and colleges in Sweden. Overhead costs or other administrative costs should not burden the grant.

The application should include

  • a summary project description
  • research plan with information on the basic idea, background, others' and own results, and work plan
  • curriculum vitae, including a list of own publications
  • a current opinion from a supervisor or other expert (exceptions are granted for professors)
  • information about who is financially responsible for the grant

The application should specify if funds for the same purpose are also sought from elsewhere. Any allocation from other funding sources should be reported to the Lars Hierta Memorial Foundation. Failure to do so leads to repayment obligations.

Applications can be submitted in English, but project summaries and financial reports must always be written in Swedish.

A report on the project's results must be submitted within one year after the project has concluded. Additional grants can only be obtained if such a report has been received.

The foundation assumes that research falling under the Ethical Review Act has been reviewed and approved by the Swedish Ethical Review Authority. For information, see

Grants are awarded once a year. Applications must reach the foundation via the electronic application system by 11:59 p.m. on October 1.

The foundation's decisions are communicated in January, and funds must be requisitioned no later than two years after the decision date. Extensions may be granted for specific reasons upon written request to the foundation. Disbursement of grants normally occurs within four weeks after the bank designated by the foundation has received the requisition forms with complete details.

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The foundation utilizes an electronic application process for all types of applications.

The application system is open
August 15 - October 1.
Click on Application in the menu to register an application.